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The One Thing, That Will Make Your B2B Marketing Instantly Modern.


By Aleks Boskovski

Marketing is the business of getting as much attention as possible from the right kind of people, in order to enable sales transactions to happen. 

That’s the basic premise. 

Now of course, it gets a little more complicated as you actually dive into the tactics, because you soon realize, that marketing isn’t a uniform set of processes, actions, or measures. There are many tactical and operative things you can do and some may only work under the right circumstances.

Strategically though, best practices do exist and generally work, both in the short and in the long term.

Me personally, I love long term growth, which is slower, but is more sustainable in the long run. For that, the most important strategic goal is to build a brand for your business.


B2B Brands Are a Thing

Brands may seem like something more at home on the B2C side, but I’m sure you know at least a handful of B2B companies, that mostly rely on the strength of their brand to dominate their markets.

Large consulting and law firms come to mind, where they use their vast armies of employees, long years of existence, and long list of reputable clients are powerful branding tools.

You may wonder, how a smaller company, specifically in B2B, get to grow a brand, if these established brands managed to gain their reputation through success over time. How would you catch up? How do you solve the old chicken-and-egg conundrum?


Leverage Social Media

Yes, that’s right, social media. If you think about it, you will come to realize that social media has media every single person to a media outlet and content creator. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram and all the others, have given tremendous potential to reach huge audiences to anyone with a smartphone.

For B2B companies, that means changing the way they think about „screen“ time. It means fundamentally changing their strategic outlook on social media and implementing change on a tactical level within their organizations.

What’s this one thing, then?


Stop being only an advertiser of your products and services and start acting like a media publishing company.

Add Value For Your Clients

What happens if you stop treating social media channel like an advertiser and start thinking and acting like a media publishing company?

For one, you open up many more social media channels for your business. Why? Because now, you can you Apple Music, Soundcloud and Spotify to host your company’s podcast. Or use Instagram to show your office space, team events, present the funny and lighthearted side of your employees.

You can use YouTube and create both long and short videos, full of value for potential clients, partners and future applicants, as well.

Flooding the web with your content, without the compulsion to scream „buy my stuff!“ at every occasion will lead to people actually being interested in what your company truly does. It will make them pay attention, when you finally do come around and offer your products and services.

Because in the end, of course there is a sales pitch. We all know that, we all expect that, however we all want a reason why we should listen to your sales pitch. 

Give people a reason to listen to you, by adding value through the content you are publishing. Without a catch, without forcing them artificial walls, without annoying an ever more web-savvy audience.

Once you do that, they will give you attention.

Why? Because you are that B2B company they can trust to deliver interesting stuff.

And that trust, is the foundation of every strong brand.



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