Respect the Context of Your Platform - Why Social Media Doesn't Work For You


By Aleks Boskovski

This is one of the key issues in marketing and brand building, that many, many companies and individuals get so frustratingly wrong… all the time.

This is especially true for mid-size companies, who have a hard time in adapting to changing online environments due to their slower processes as compared to startups, but lower resources as compared to big corporations. A mid-size company is usually happy to try things, but I found many to have a hard time in executing social media strategies.

However, it mostly boils down to an individual lack of understanding on how these social media channels work.

Each social media channel is different, but all are viable…

..if you use it the right way.

The Good News: It’s not that hard to understand.

You don’t have to be a marketing pro to wrap your head around this.

People are people and you are one of them. You, yourself, are part of someone’s target audience. Maybe even your own target audience.

So why would you disassociate yourself from the people you want to reach?


What do I mean by that?

Well, why would you treat someone in your target audience, as if they are wired completely differently from yourself or the people that you know?

Because that’s the key mistake being made by many executives when it comes to their social media presence, which leads to jarring content or advertising.


You Don’t Consume Unfitting Content, Either.

First thing you really need to understand: each social media has its own culture.

Some may read this and be like: „But Aleks, that’s so obvious!“

That’s great! Are living by that, when you create content for your business?

If you take the moment to look around, I’m sure you can come up with a handful of examples where someone doesn’t understand this. I’m talking about that strange LinkedIn ad, or post, which would be much better off on Facebook. Or the Instagram post, which would be awesome on LinkedIn, but gets zero attention on Instagram.

You all know this content. It’s the stuff that feels off on one platform, but completely appropriate on the other.

It’s a pet peeve of mine, because being a marketing guy, it hurts me to see how much money and effort are poured into online content, but then it’s squandered because it is used in the wrong channels.


Context is Everything

You’ve heard it a thousand times and I’ll repeat that notion again: context matters…a lot.

The major consequence that I find from ignoring context and having online content perform badly, is that companies and executives declare marketing channels as „not working“.

You will hear statements like: „Yes, that platform is great and all, but it doesn’t work for us.“

When actually the consequence should be: „Yes, that platform is great, but we haven’t yet figured out how to utilize it properly and which content we need to produce.“

There’s a big difference here. Because you are running the risk of spending money, without getting any good results and ultimately give up on a channel, which could be exceptionally great in driving your brand recognition and growth.

Respect the context of your platform and you will have success.


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