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TikTok Algorithm – How It Works

TikTok Algorithm - How It Works By Aleks Boskovski TikTok is one of the hottest social platforms right now, easily due to the incredibly organic reach that influencers and marketers can achieve there. But it's not only about the ludicrous amount of impression you can get, but also about the much more important engagement. Anecdotally, I [...]

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B2B Influencers – Just a Hype?

B2B Influencers -Just a Hype? By Aleks Boskovski What's an Influencer Anyway?First things first: yes, the whole topic is a bit "hype-ish".But, what we call an "influencer" in a social media and B2C-centric sense, is someone that is traditionally considered a Key Opinion Leader. Now we could start breaking down different categories of Opinion Leaders, but [...]

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The One Thing That Will Truly Impove Your B2B Marketing.

The One Thing, That Will Make Your B2B Marketing Instantly Modern. By Aleks Boskovski Marketing is the business of getting as much attention as possible from the right kind of people, in order to enable sales transactions to happen. That's the basic premise. Now of course, it gets a little more complicated as you actually dive into [...]

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Respect the Context of Your Platform – Why Social Media Doesn’t Work For You

Respect the Context of Your Platform - Why Social Media Doesn't Work For You By Aleks Boskovski This is one of the key issues in marketing and brand building, that many, many companies and individuals get so frustratingly wrong... all the time.This is especially true for mid-size companies, who have a hard time in adapting [...]

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How a Marketing Audit Can Save You a Ton of Money and Headaches.

How a Marketing Audit Can Save You a Ton of Money and Headaches. By Aleks Boskovski You might be thinking: what's a marketing audit?Well, it's an audit...but for your marketing activities.OK sure, but why I would you need that?Because you want certainty in your marketing strategy, and if learned anything at all, then it’s that hope is not a [...]

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